Tuesday, 29 November 2016

"Recent stuff"

Back in September this year when I arrived from my holidays I strived to give a shot to my new purchased acrylics paints so I went to the Kirkgate market here in Leeds to seek out some reference (and buy some goodies - squashes, tomatoes, prawns etc.). I found there's big butchery so I made a quick unseen shots on my phone (picture 1) -  lacking quality and professionally but as a reference for my first attempt with acrylics good enough.

picture 1 - reference shot

Then I took some of the old boards that I was given by one school whom I make deliveries for (did I tell you that I work as a delivery driver - yea fruit and veg for primary schools here in Leeds - but that's a different story)

I put a drawing in with pencil (picture 2) and put some colours afterwards (picture 3). To put more interest I added my favourite cut of meat -  lamb leg on the foreground table. As it turned out board made acrylics more dark that I'd been expecting. I put a gloss varnish on the painting to seal it up (Still not sure If I like gloss varnish or not - sometimes there's to much reflexion agains light)

Initial sketch mapping areas with values

final painting - Yorkshire butcher (acrylic on board, 12x14,5 inch)

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