Art - People

Here's some of my work. To see which painting is currently for sale check my DPW (Dailypaintworks) gallery where you can purchase my work.

I've been always amazed by people and I think they are really interesting subject matter - what are they thinking? what's their past? How about the future? And what about their personality? People really could tell a story just by being.

Morning cuddle (oil on board 10x14 inches)

Italian salesman (oil on canvas board 6x8 inches)

Evening news (oil on canvas board 11x14 inches)

"Don't worry mate I've got that under control" (oil on board 28x20 inch)

"Yorkshire Butcher" (acrylics on board 12x14,5 inch)

"Christopher Waltz Study" (gouache on watercolour paper A4)

"Will she give me any sugar?" (gouache on watercolour paper A4)

"Delivery" (oil on stretched canvas 11x14 inch)

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