Friday, 20 January 2017

Another tiger painting

Since I love wildlife kind of painting I'd decided before I moved out from my old place that I would try my first painting with tonal underpainting. Up till then I was used to work just with pencil drawings before I started with full rendering with oils.

This tonal approach is the basic and classic way to start a painting. It's a great way to guide your painting process because it includes an information about values (how dark or light things are) as well along with drawing of course. And it's more fun as well because you start with paint right away (in this case I used raw umber for underpainting).

Two major stages are shown down below. In reference picture there were two person behind the tiger and I found them quite disrupting in the composition so I had to edited a picture which effected a lightning of the scene. I hope that I somehow managed to keep the lightning believable....

tonal underpainting in the beginning stage (raw umber)

Final product called "Chill"


  1. Nice painting, Petr. I saw it on Daily Paintworks and that's how I found your website. I Look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Hi Gary. Thank you so much for a lovely comment. I really appreciate it. Especially in the winter when sometimes one has a feeling that nothing could go well...thank you once again. I'll try my best with sharing another art with you.