Sunday, 15 October 2017

Getting back - calling of my upbringing

Hi all good people and art enthusiasts,

I guess some of you maybe have noticed that I recently moved back to Czech Republic. The reason is quite simple - I've begun to miss my family. It was a great experience - two years in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire (by the way county where you can buy the best brushes in the world - but I'll talk about it in a future), occupation as a delivery driver for primary schools (there's around 200 places in Leeds and Bradford alone so we have been busy). I met genuine people. I want to give my farewell especially to Istvan Docza (my Boss), Lucy, Jamie-Lee Fogarty, James Lockley, Terry Fogarty (She teached me how to drive on the left side of the road), Peter Cinone,  Shayna, Anthony, Damon, Jason, Dan, Andrew Colburn and his lovely family (and their two dogs Zac and Zephyr) and to the whole gang of GT produce family. I would like to say it was a great sessions (although a few) in the gym with PJ Stone (Hope you'll come to visit mate) and with Sam Hewitt as well! I Have to say I'm so thankful to meet you all! I want to thank to Tony which was some kind of utility guy in our lovely old Victorian house in Beeston, where I has lived past year, and to my  Landlords Mike and Soni (lovely people Indeed!!)

Before I left I wanted to have same handmade memories on the common places, which I don't know why have some precious qualities for me. Let me introduce you some of my pictorial notes from my life mainly from past month (September 2017), I hope It'll not be boring for you. I really appreciate all those little moments in my life greatly and I want to share it with you:
My window (only one in my apartment with some remnants of a grocery)
Gouache on Paper 22 September 2017

This is my art corner in my room before my departure (Watercolour 28 September 2017)

This is Tony (Utility guy) Gouache on Gesso

My self portrait from my driver's seat (Ballpoint pen)

Quick portrait of me and great dinner lady Monica from Harehills Children Centre) (ballpoint pen)

Lady From a bus on my way downtown (ball point)

I thing sketches like this from field (Except my selfportrait and the one with Monica - they are from photograph) improve your skill in execution of drawing and hone your visual memory so I thing practise like this is essential. 

In the next post I'll tell you about my new settlement and about more art that I deal with in current days...


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