Thursday, 21 December 2017

About this time - Gratitude and feeling of contribution

Ahoy all you good people, how's the festive season working for you? I chose to give you heads up by "Ahoy" exclamation not because I would be some kind of marine enthusiast or some kind of pirate but because this exclamation is the closest one to Czech "Ahoj"

Recently I'm thinking about an idea to have my blog bilingual (English/Czech) but I haven't come with solution  yet how to put it in action. If someone would know how to do that here with Blogger platform I would be more than grateful!!

Since I pointed on the topic of gratefulness please let me give a chance to say that I'm so glad, that there's some people who enjoy my art and I can have that warm feeling of contribution. This year some of my paintings find a home in several places in United States due to the sales made through auction portal 

It's nice to know that my "touch" can reach places like North California (in the case of painting called Chill, State of Georgia (painting called Spotted), Massachusetss (painting called Delivery), Connecticut (painting called Turban Fellow) and Texas (Hey a'll) (painting of John Scofield)

Some of the paintings on my dailypaintworks pages are not for sale, because I gave them away as gifts to my relatives or as a farewell "thank you" to my former chief. I also had a great commissions (portrait of dogs for my former employer)

I'm looking forward to put my efforts to make myself a better painter and to provide for art lovers more products with ever increasing quality. That feeling that someone loves your work and actually is keen to put a value on the effort is invaluable. I love doing my work and I love even more to see it hanging in someone else's room across a globe (like in this case)

I would not like this post to be a picture less post so here's my still life study (charcoal on paper):

Stay festive people, it is coming..Pete

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