Wednesday, 7 December 2016

In sake of the practice - Set myself loose with oils...

I pulled out some small canvas board (measurement 6x8 inch) and my new Cobra water mixable oils in order to practice Alla prima technique (to paint all at once basically without waiting for paint to dry throughout the painting processes). Since I've been suffering with "detail-tidis" (Carol Marin's term :-) ) which means that every detail on the subject makes me crazy, I tried to loosen up as Carol Marine suggests -  More squinting, bigger distance from the canvas etc....You can find out more about Carol's art at the link that's on the right side of my blog.

Here's the final product.  I'm quite happy with the hands on the picture and I think the loosening and more fresh approach was established on them, but the cups and the rest of the scene would need little bit more practice! (it's quite fuzzy though - maybe I'm not so used to a new set of colours)

Give me your opinion to the comment section here right below the picture what do you think, I would really appreciate that.

"Loose that bad boy just a little bit" (oil on canvas panel 6x8)


  1. I like it. Nice contrast, good colors. Has a nice loose feel to the brush marks. Good job!

  2. Hi There, Thank you very much, that's nice about art - there's no clear wrong and right. It's about taste also :-) I have to work on my still life progression.