Friday, 16 December 2016

New place - new start - setting up a new work station

Past week I've been busy like I've never been in last year. On Saturday I came to the tipping point that I have to move out from my place where I'd been over a year. It had just added everything up and I knew that I'm not gonna be able to stay any more longer. So at 8 am I made a decision and at 8 pm I ended up with all my stuff in a new acquired place. Don't ask me how but only thing I can say that I've been really lucky to meet the right people in the right time, for which I'm grateful like no one else.

But lets talk art - that's the reason why I haven't been so productive lately! If you were so OCD like me you'd find a hard time to set your new working place in action too. You know it - If you have your routine around your desk at work, workshop, forge or anywhere else - everything is up to hand, you know where to reach your hand for pencil, drill, hammer or cup of coffee. To reset this take a while. for me it was nerve draining process of trying various things with the knowledge that I have some work to do (commission work - I will tell you about it in the future) and to be settled down with it as soon as possible is necessary.

My new cozy apartment in the attic is really pleasant and I really, really dig it! But it's a small place -just one room with small kitchenette. So how do you include painting in the room where you also sleep, cook, rest and drying your wet clothes? So after few variation with my old stuff I've decided not to be cheap and buy yourself a proper easel. Since I strive to try a plain-air in the future I've found a great french easel (french easel is considered as a plain air form of easel) for 50 pounds which is reasonable. It did not seem so reasonable after all expenses that moving up had brought up but if you consider just the item it is a good price :-)

So on the following pictures you can see my old room in my old share house filled with my paintings and a sad picture right after moving out. Next three pictures are about my work station and its changes- first my old work station in my old room (top left), second is temporary working place in my new apartment (bottom left) and the third one (on the right) is my recent set up with my new easel which makes me so happy :-) On the picture is portrait of Reuben - The Dog - I will tell you story about this painting in the future...So stay tuned

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