Friday, 10 February 2017

Commission as a pure pleasure

On 4th of December I visited my dear friend Andrew in his lovely house in Menston which is small area near Otley -really nice place to visit and I recommend you to do it if you're in west Yorkshire.
Andrew is a person whom I hold a big gratitude to. He gave me my job! Thanks to him I can make a living here in England as a delivery driver.

But this article is mainly about our collaboration in artistic field. He'd saw my paintings of big cats (Security, Spotted which you can also find in section "ART-WILDLIFE") and he thought that I would be able to manage to capture his gorgeous german shepherds Izak and Zephyr.

So on that Sunday the 4th I went to his house and met his lovely wife Sonia and the figures of action - Izak and Zephyr. Guys were in a great mood and it was such a blast to see them thrive (I think Zephyr  didn't have a pleasant childhood and Andrew and Sonia rescued him from suffering). I made a bunch of reference pictures on the sofa, in the garden, in doors and outdoors in various position to get myself exited in order to portray them right.

Part of the deal was to make another picture of their old dog Reuben who unfortunately past away year ago. So the quest here was to make two paintings - one of Reuben's from an old photograph and one of Izak and Zephyr all together from the reference that I would obtain for myself in the place of action - home of Andrew's. On the following pictures you can see chronological process of making this painting. At the very bottom of the page you can see a painting of Reuben's as well...

Pic. No. 1 - chasing the right posture of the guys in their home

Pic. No. 2 Preliminary sketch of my picked composition - the main emphasis here is on the expression of a different temperaments of the Izak and Zephyr (Zephyr is more subtle and quiet and Izak is more curious)

Pic. No. 3 Early stage of a putting colour in place...

Pic. No. 4 Final product - Izak and Zephyr (oil on board 24x18 inches)

Reuben (oil on board 14x12 inches)

If you like what I do please give me a shout or if you would like me to do some commission on the similar topic (apparently I love to paint domestic animals of any kind) don't be shy and write me a message. 

All the light in your hearts (especially these days in winter) wishes you Petr...

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