Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Reference pictures - sometimes a struggle.

I know what you'll tell me. Painting from pictures isn't such a experience as a painting from life. And I have to agree. But sometimes it's hard to seek out interesting ideas for life painting if you want to stay at home. That's even more truthful if you live in cold England...

I've recently met a great pages where people from all around a globe offer their photographs for artist as a reference pictures. Here there are:

Great thing about it is that you pick your picture, portray it in your own style and you post it on the pages and tag a creator of the photo reference so that he or she can see that his or her photo was inspiring for an effort.

I've done two pieces from this pages and both had a huge success among the people on which made me so happy and I keeps me motivated (although today was a hard day at work and I've decided just to procrastinate which doesn't feel always good but what you gonna do right? :-) )

Here they are:

Tiger cub (oil on gesso board 6 x 8 inches)

Samurai (oil on streched canvas 20x30 inches)

If you want to see the actual reference photos go to my profile on the

where are the linkages under my paintings that will bring you towards creators...

Have a nice Evening everyone!

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